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Monday, December 15, 2014

We've compiled a list of places to check out Christmas lights this season.

- The Many Lights of Christmas at Springs First Church, Located at 4120 E. Fountain Blvd., Colorado Springs
   December 19-22 from 6:00 - 9:00 p.m. (free)
- Also, check out this list of local, residential light shows.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Tomorrow, November 11, is Veterans Day! Below is a list of local restaurants/businesses who'll have deals for local vets. (Found on

- Applebee's: Free meal for veterans and active-duty military on Tuesday, November 11th. There are seven items being offered for
   the veterans deal this year. Free meal for veterans is available at participating locations only; proof of service required.
- California Pizza Kitchen: Free meal from a special menu for veterans on November 11th.
- Golden Corral: Will host its annual Military Appreciation dinner for veterans, active duty military, National Guard and 
   reservists on 
Monday, November 17th from 5-9 p.m. Dine in only, no take-out.
- Denny's: Free Build Your Own Grand Slam from 5 a.m. - Noon on Veterans Day only.
- On The Border: Free "Choose 2" or "Choose 3" meal with presentation of military ID on Tuesday, November 11th.
   Participating locations only.
- Outback Steakhouse: Free Bloomin' Onion and a beverage for veterans on Veterans Day. Military will also receive 15% off
   from November 12th through the end of the year.

- Red Robin: Free Tavern Double Burger and bottomless fries for veterans on Veterans Day. Also check out their rewards
   program with special deals for military.
- Ruby Tuesday: Free appetizer for veterans on Veterans Day, no purchase required.
- Starbucks: Free tall brewed coffee for military and their spouses on Veterans Day 2014.  
- Tucano's Brazilian Grill: Free shrimp skewer for military from Saturday, November 8th - Tuesday, November 11th.
   Veterans will also receive a 25% off card for four meals when dining on those dates. Anyone can upload a photo of their
   family member or friend in uniform to the Tucano's Facebook page to get a coupon for a free dessert.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween is tomorrow night and your kids may be going trick-or-treating. Bret and Rachel spoke with Lt. Catherine Buckley of the Colorado Springs Police Department Thursday morning. She gave us some great safety tips for parents. Hope they help:)

- Know your neighbors and your neighborhood.
- Put a piece of reflective tape, light up pin, or glow stick on your child's costume so they are visible at night.
- If your child is wearing a mask or a hood as part of their costume, make sure they can see when crossing streets.
- Clear your yard of debris and furniture so kids don't trip when running to your door for candy.
- Make sure your child's costume is fire-resistant. Lt. Buckley said this is important because kids will be walking by a lot of pumpkins
   lit with candles.
- When you child returns home with their candy, sort through it and throw away anything that looks "suspicious."
- Since Halloween falls on a Friday this year, and we have not turned the clocks back, kids are going to be out much later. Buckley
   reminded drivers to slow down and watch out for the little ones running around the neighborhoods.
- Send a cell phone with your teen so they can call you if they get lost or have an emergency.
- For groups of little kids, Buckley said a parent should always be present while trick-or-treating.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Rachel just turned 30 a few months ago and is quickly realizing she's "old." She has admitted to going to bed at 8:30 on a Friday night, avoiding stores with loud music, and getting excited about buying a new vacuum. So we decided to dig up a list of things that happen to adults after 30! Enjoy! From

- Binge watching TV on a Friday or Saturday night sounds like more fun than going to a party.
- Stores with loud music and long lines make you crazy.
- You won't have vacations anymore, but rather weddings and family reunions to go to.
- Doing work you like with people you like will be more important than earning and growth potential.
- If you're still single, you'll re-think some of those deal-breakers that were so important in your 20's.
- Weight will get harder and harder to maintain.
- You will no longer obsess or even really think about whether so-and-so likes you or not, because 'ain't no one got
   time for that.'
- You'll join and quit a gym approximately seven times.
- Daytime parties will be full of kids, and you'll probably be called 'aunt' or 'uncle' by several of them, regardless of
   whether you're actually related.
- No one will have real parties anymore, and when they do you'll take a lot of pictures for social media.
- One of the best and most exciting purchases will be your new mattress, washing machine, dishwasher...etc.
- Every once in awhile you'll think about how much student loan debt you still have to pay off, and you might cry.
- One of your friends will get divorced.
- Someone you went to high school with will become a grandparent.
- If you're single, you'll date someone with a kid or kids.
- You'll spend 60% of your life at the doctor's office with your kids.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Autumn is just a few weeks away, and that means fall fashion. Check out some of this season's trends for fall. From

- Velvet dresses (flashback to the 90's anyone?)
- A-line silhouettes
- Textured tops and dresses (think 60's style)
- Long knits (oversized sweaters)
- Modern plaid (another flashback to the 90's)
- Heavy sparkle
- Sporty Outerwear (fashionable and functional)
- Winter Pastels (pair with black pants or a black skirt)
- Capes (Not the superhero kind)
- Bold, colorful faux fur

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Did you go to a Disney park this summer? Planning a trip to one? Here are a few fun Disney facts Bret and Rachel talked about on the morning show! From

- Main Street USA is designed with all the food shops on the right for those wanting breakfast as they enter, and the souvenir
are on guests' right as they leave.
- Main street USA looks much longer than it actually is thanks to the 'forced perspective' of Cinderella's Castle.
- There are Mickey Mouse heads hidden all over the park.
- There is a basketball court in a crew section at the top of Space Mountain, and certain sections have their own signature scents,
   for example Norway at Epcot smells like 'airy mountains.'
- Coins thrown into the water at It's a Small World are donated to the Give Kids the World.
- None of the shops sell gum, which is why guests usually don't see gum on the pavement.
- Nearly 3 million churros are sold every year at Disneyland.
- The Enchanted Tiki Room was originally intended to be a restaurant. Would you eat there?
- When you stand in line for the Dinosaur Ride at Animal Kingdom look up and you will see pipes containing the formulas for
   ketchup, mustard and mayo!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Planning a graduation party? Thursday morning Bret and Rachel shared some ideas for saving money on grad parties! Check out the list from "":

- Set a budget in advance
- Talk to your kids about what's important to them
- Consider having the party in your backyard or at a park
- Make your own cake and food (hotdogs and hamburgers anyone?)
- Price match
- Make your own music play list
- Consider a joint party with another family

We've got some fun homemade decorations and food ideas for your graduation party on our Pinterest page! Check it out and share with your friends and family.

Friday, April 25, 2014

It was all about garage sales Friday morning!
Bret has a garage/yard sale every few years while Rachel has never had one.
Thanks to everyone who called in to share their advice/tips!
Check them out below:

- Along with signs, use colored flags to draw attention to your sale
- Post items online (Craigslist, Facebook, Twitter etc.)
- Warn your neighbors in advance, and invite them to join the garage sale (make it a neighborhood sale)
- Organize items by price (For example have a .50 cent table and a $1.00 table)
- Over price items to begin with, remember shoppers will haggle down the price :)
- Consider holding "An Everything is a buck sale!"
- Have something to add? Tweet Bret and Rachel @Q1027Mornings

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Professional Organizer Linda Reinberger joined Bret and Rachel Wednesday morning to talk about her expertise, hoarding. Linda has participated in two episodes of TLC's 'Hoarding: Buried Alive.' She has also started a new class designed to help those who struggle with clutter and hoarding.

To contact Linda click here!

Here are some clips from Wednesday's show:

Tuesday, April 22, 2014:

As we continue to celebrate the Easter Season, and Earth Day, now is a good time to talk to our kids about giving back. Below are some ways to teach your kids to give back! (Per "")

- Instill a sense of gratitude
   Share things you are grateful for, and encourage your kids to do the same on a daily basis
- Teach kids to be gracious
Remind them it is 'the spirit of giving' that matters most, not the gift
- Make it a family affair
   As Bret says "it's about show and tell"
- Turn a passion into an action
   There are countless ways to give back, so find something that interests your child
   For example if they love animals, have them volunteer at the local shelter
- Remember the intangibles
   Time and caring are just as valuable as monetary gifts

Monday, March 17, 2014:

The first official day of Spring is Thursday, March 20th. That means it is time to start thinking about the dreaded Spring cleaning! Below is a list of things/places to clean around your home that you might not think about. (Per "")

- Dust off your fan blades (use a pillow case  to catch the dust)
- Clean your air by vacuuming your AC unit
- Dust the blinds
- Scrub down your kitchen sink
- Clean the grout (yuck)
- Wipe down the vent/ledge above your stove
- Shake out the crumbs and wipe down the toaster and other appliances
- Clean the dishwasher and the microwave ( All that dried on, splattered food)
- Take your vent covers outside and hose them down
- Clean top loading washing machines
- Get the lent out of your dryer exhaust tube (that can be a fire hazard)

Thursday, March 13, 2014:

Spring Break is quickly approaching, but with gas prices topping $3.50 a gallon many families have decided to "Staycation" instead of vacation. Below are some great ideas for you and your family!

"Staycation" locations in Colorado Springs from "":
- Pikes Peak Highway and Cog Railroad
- Penny Arcade in Manitou Springs (Cheap)
- United States Olympic Training Center (Free)
- Whit's End inside Focus on the Family's Visitors Center (Free)
- Garden of the Gods and Red Rocks Canyon (hiking and a picnic?)
- Air Force Academy (Free)
- Manitou Springs Cliff Dwellings
- Teas at Glen Eyrie
- Devil's Head Lookout Tower
- Pulpit Rock Hike and St. Peter's Dome Hike
- Green Mountain Falls Hikes and Park
- Museums, museums and more museums 
Here's a list:
- Gold Camp Road historic drive
  (Just make sure the road is not under construction due to flood damage)
- Oh yeah...and here is a link to some coupons for local attractions!

Indoor "Staycation" ideas for the kids from "":
- Make your own drive-in theater with cardboard boxes
- Book a room at your own 'home-tel"
- Turn your kitchen into a carnival
- Have a 'camp-in'
- Make smores in your living room fireplace
- Have a movie marathon
- Make a spy game or have a scavenger hunt
- Build a fort with blankets and pillows, then grab some books and snacks to take inside

Monday, March 10, 2014:

Prom is coming up! Below are some ways to save money on prom costs from ""

- Plan ahead.
- Sit down with your teen(s) and decide on a reasonable amount to spend.
- Decide which prom activites you want to participate in.
- Discuss overall costs and who pays for what items.
- Caprool with other families/couples/friends and split the cost of gas.
- Borrow a dress, rent one from a formalwear store, or buy from a consignment clothing shop.
- Do your own hair and makeup, or save money with an appointment at a local cosmetology school instead of an expensive salon.
- Utilize accressories you already have or borrow some from a friend or relative.
- Hold a backyard barbecue with friends instead of dining out.
- Have a friend of family member take photos to capture the memory rather than paying for an expensive portrait.

Friday, March 7, 2014:

Had a lot of fun talking about our kids and the funny little notes they leave around the house.
We read some notes from this gallery during the show. If you missed it, and want to check it out click on the link below.

Thursday, March 6, 2014:

Rachel's son is turning 3 in a month and she does not want to break the bank on a venue, cake, decorations and party favors! Here are some tips for planning a budget conscious-party from ""

1.) Do it Yourself:
      - Make your own cake and decorations
      - Use social media sites for inspiration
Go Generic:
      - Products with licensed characters on them usually cost more than generic ones
      - If you are going with a Mickey Mouse theme, buy the plates and then go with red cups, napkins and silverware
3.) Reuse and Repurpose:
     - Buy party supplies you can reuse down the road, a timeless design
     - Instead of wrapping paper use newspaper comic strips
4.) Food for Thought:
     - Don't hold party at 5 or 6 p.m if you only want to serve cake and ice cream
     - Have the party at 2 or 3 p.m. and call it a "dessert party"on invitations
     - Buy 2 liter bottles of soda or juice and disposable cups
5.) Prioritize:
     - Ask yourself if you really need x, y or z?
     - Consider eliminating party favors
     - Have a joint birthday party with another child whose birthday is around the same time
6.) Other Quick Tips:
     - Host the party at home or in a public park rather than at an event facility
     - Keep the numbe of guests to a minimum
     - Buy food in bulk and cut fruits and veggies yourself
     - Send email invitations or make your own
     - Keep things in perspective

Wednesday, March 5, 2014:

It's no secret, finances can be difficult, especially setting a budget.
Below are some tips from Bank of America to help you and your spouse navigate money matters.

1.) Be honest about your goals, and supportive of your partner's.
      - Don't criticize your partner
Create a household budget (sometimes easier said than done).
      - Discuss your progress
      - Discuss unexpected expenses
      - Consider a joint checking account
3.) Take allowances or keep individual credit cards.
      - Try setting aside monthly allowances that each of you can spend as you please
      - Keeping a credit card in your own name will allow you to continue to build your individual credit

4.) Decide which accounts to merge.
      - Some couples do not want to give up their individual checking accounts, and experts say that's fine
      - Instead set up a linked account to help cover shared expenses
Decide if you need additional accounts.
     - Open a savings account as a way to save for shared goals
     - Set up automatic deposits from your checking account into your savings account every month
     - Can be used as an emergency fund as well

Our listeners also shared some great tips for financial success:

1.) Sit down as a couple each month and discuss the budget, and what is being spent.
2.) Save your change! Gather up loose change daily or weekly and save it in a bucket or bottle. Then, when an
      emergency or unexpected expense arises, you have some extra cash.
3.) Take your tax return and deposit it in a savings account. It is a great way to start an emergency fund.
4.) If you get a raise at work, set aside a portion of the extra each month. You won't miss it if you never start spending it.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014:

Radio Shack announced Monday it will be closing more than 1,000 stores across the U.S.
That got us thinking about other stores and restaurants that have closed and/or no longer exist.
Here is the list we came up with, thanks to our listeners who helped out!

 - Furrs (Bret says there is still one in Denver)                           
 - Sizzler                                                                               
 - Michelle's Ice Cream Parlor                                                        
 - Steak Smith                                                                                      
 - Black Angus                                                                                  
 - Steak and Ale                                                                                                      
 - Trail Dust
 - Round the Corner
 - Bennigan's
 - Perkins
 - Swenson's Ice Cream Parlor
 - Western Sizzlin
 - Godfather's Pizza
 - Shakey's Pizza Parlor

 - Borders (Bret's favorite place)
 - Circuit City
 - Media Play and Sam Goody
 - Blockbuster and Hollywood Video
 - Longs Drugs
 - Westminster and Northglenn Malls
 - Woolworths
 - Foley's and Mervyn's
 - Joslin's and May D&F
 - Montgomery Ward
 - Kmart (Soon there will be only one left in Colorado Springs)
 - Colorado Springs drive-in movie theater
 - Mr. Biggs and Joyride
 - Chinook Bookshop
 - Waldenbooks

Bret did find a drive-in movie theater in Pueblo that still exists.
If you want to check it out, click on the link below for all the information.

Friday, February 28, 2014:

Looking for some dinner ideas for your family? Here are some from our listeners! Enjoy!

1.) Bean Sandwich:
     - Toast bread
     - Add pork and beans to the toast
     - Cook bacon and put on top of the beans
     - Add 1 slice of American cheese
     - Bake in oven until cheese melts (350 degrees to start)

2.) Sausage and Potatoes:
      - 2 cans sliced potatoes
     - 1 can cream of mushroom soup
     - 1 can of cheddar soup
     - Sliced Hillshire Farm cooked sausage (1/4 inch slices)
     - Mix ingredients together and bake 45 minutes at 350 degrees

Hamburger Hot Dish:
     - 1 lb hamburger (Cooked and drained)
     - 1/2 large onion
     - Boil 2 cups noodles (egg noodles)
     - 1 can tomato soup
     - 1 can cream of chicken or cream of mushroom soup
     - Combine ingredients in pan on stove and serve

Easy Pumpkin Muffins:
     - 1 can pumpkin 
     - 1 box spice cake mix
     - 1 bag chocolate chips (optional)
     - Mix up ingredients and bake according to directions on back of cake box

If you want to try out Rachel's Meatball Sub Casserole she found on Pinterest, click on the link below!
Thanks "Country Cook" for the idea!

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