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I Need A Silent Night

Amy Grant


Music Review: Third Day, "Move"

Christian Music Reviews

Third Day runs full-circle back to their Southern rock roots in Move. Does it "move" you to buy it?

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 Multi-platinum-selling rock band Third Day moves forward with its 11th studio release, Move.  Produced by Paul Moak (Mat Kearney, Matt Maher) and recorded in the band's new, Atlanta-based studio "The Quarry" and Moak's well known "The Smoakstack," the 12-track offering brings the band full-circle back to their Southern rock roots. 

Move is a less radio-friendly opus; with fewer catchy songs.  It has an overall darker more rootsy feel than the Third Day songs you may be used to hearing on this station.  More grit, more distortion, and more introspection.
The CD is replete with earthy guitar-driven Southern rock which is Third Day's signature.  Move also makes a heavier blues imprint with the frequent use of slide guitar; giving certain tracks kind of a "George Thorogood" sound and feel.  The addition of banjo and dobro on "I'll Be Your Miracle" complete the raw unpretentious persona of the CD.

Here are a couple highlights…

The album kicks off with the dark "Lift Up Your Face" featuring The Blind Boys of Alabama.  The dirge-like beginning from The Blind Boys and plodding rhythm give this radio track a heavy feel and contrasts sharply with the inspiring message of the song.   

A personal favorite is "Children of God" which exchanges the power chords for a little more melody.  This track is more of an anthem and less a hard Southern rocker.  The inclusion of a children's choir is a nice touch that adds a great deal of warmth to the track.
A refreshing upbeat track amid the weight from all the other tracks is "Follow Me There", with its soulful gospel groove and background vocals.  It has a brighter energy and more positive air that seems missing from some of the rest of the project. 

If you love Third Day's gritty sound and Mac Powell's earthy vocals, this album will further your affections.  If you were looking for "a new direction" or "something different" from Third Day, you may be disappointed with Move.  The band reaches for its "raw roots" rather than making a new innovative statement.  The production is superb and the music sincere in its message and down-to-earth delivery.  With Move, Third Day stays well within their tradition of grungy guitar Texas-tinged Christian rock. 


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