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When Christmas Comes To Town

Matthew Hall And Meagan Moore


Music Review: Passion, "Here For You"

Christian Music Reviews

Artist: Passion
Title: Here for You
Label: sixstepsrecords



Each year, Passionâ ”the foremost collective behind the modern worship movementâ ”gives attendees something special to remember their annual gathering by. It normally comes in the form of a compilation album recorded live at the conference.

This year's effort, Here for You, captures the voices of over 20,000 college students singing along with leaders Chris Tomlin, Christy Nockels, David Crowder Band, Kristian Stanfill, Matt Redman and Charlie Hall. The affecting atmosphere of the event, which took place at the beginning of the year in Atlanta, Ga., is perfectly captured within the confines of the 12 tracks. Chris Tomlin, decidedly the face of the modern age's worship movement, leads the way with vocals on half the tracks.

Tomlin and Nockels unveil some of the best moments on the album. In fact, the first four back-to-back cuts are exquisiteâ ”the title track and "Symphony" featuring Tomlin; the poignantly beautiful "Waiting" showcasing Nockels stirring vocals; and the infectious "All My Fountains" from Tomlin. In fact, the later, finds Tomlin singing some thoughtfully artistic lyrics set to a satisfying acoustic beat: "Open the heavens/Come Living Water/All my fountains are in You/Strong like a river/Your love is running through/All my fountains are in You."

Nockels' return later in the tracklisting for "Carry Your Name" is equally powerful.

Although the songs with Tomlin and Nockels sparkle, contributions from Crowder, Stanfill and Redman are pleasing as well. Most of the tunes are all new, and since many songs introduced on Passion albums often show up on future studio recordings from these artists, there are definitely a plethora of worship gems to choose from here.

Mixing the standard pop offerings up a bit, hip-hop sensation LeCrae makes a surprising guest appearance on David Crowder Band's "Shadows." The rapper also appears on Tomlin's "Our God" on the digital deluxe edition. This unexpected duet, as well as the live version of new anthem "All to Us," make the deluxe edition well worth the extra cash.

There's a reason why many of today's brightest worship leaders and songwriters originate from the Passion camp. Listen to Here for You and you'll discover why.


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