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Breakfast Brain Buster



Tune in to The Morning Show with Bret & Sara every weekday morning at 6:50am for the


Breakfast Brain Buster!



Be Caller #7 at 719-531-9745 with the correct answer to the Breakfast Brain Buster

to win fabulous prizes!


See below for answers from previous Brain Buster Questions...


November 1
Q: Breakfast Brain Buster: According to a new survey, 15% of us did this last night. What is it?
A: Dress up our pets

October 31
Q: Breakfast Brain Buster: Many believe that trick or treating wouldn't be complete without this treat. What is it?
A: Tootsie Rolls!

October 30
Q: Over 80% of parents will do THIS for trick or treaters. What is it?
A: Serve their favorite candy

October 29
Q: One psychological study showed that a man's #1 fear is under-performing at work. What's #2?
A: Showing emotion

October 26
Q: Breakfast Brain Buster: The average 12-to-15-year-old has never met 25% of these. What?
A: Their Facebook Friends

October 25
Q: Brain Buster: Top 3 conveniences people say they couldn't live without are 1) Microwave, 2) TV, and what was the third?
A: A dishwasher

October 24
Q: Experts claim that people who do this for 15 a day have less stress and are healthier. What is it?
A: Writing in your diary or journal

October 23
Q: A survey found this to be the #1 thing kids do not like their parents to say. What?
A: "Money doesn't grow on trees"

October 22
Q: A study from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found that this helped teens take fewer risks while behind the wheel. What could it be?
A: A GPS device

October 19
Q: Almost 1/2 of all Americans admit to having worn this at some point in their life. What?
A: Mickey Mouse Ears (M-I-C-K-E-Y, M-O-U-S-E)

October 18
Q: Women do this most when they're in their 30s. What?
A: Cook!

October 17
Q: According to USA Today, about 3% of Americans have admitted to eating their meal in this strange place. Where?
A: The bathtub

October 16
Q: According to USA Today, 26% of teens have never been on one of these. What?
A: A bike :(

October 12
Q: Americans spend roughly 37 billion hours each year doing this. What is it?
A: Waiting in Line (uuuuugh!)

October 11
Q: 93% of working moms with kids at home do this. What?
A: Help with homework!

October 10
Q: A recent study found this to be the household appliance the longest. What is it?
A: ____________

October 9
Q: A new Gallup poll finds that 48% of U.S. adults say they do this at least once a day. What?
A: Drink a soda.

October 8
Q: Women spend 17 years of their life doing this. What?
A: Dieting

October 5
Q: People do this more when watching a sad movie, compared to a happy one. What?
A: Eat more popcorn! (more butter please!)

October 4
Q: 90% of men think this comes naturally to women. What is it?
A: Beauty

October 3
Q: Just over 1/3 of us have suffered from this wardrobe malfunction at work. What?
A: Leaving your tags on

October 2
Q: According to a new Gallup Poll, 35% of Americans do NOT want to do this. What?
A: Become rich.

September 28
Q: In a survey, pet owners were asked "If you could ask your pet one question, what would it be?". What was the #1 question people would ask their pet?
A: "Do you like your food?"

September 26
Q: What is America's favorite snack?
A: Ritz Crackers

September 25
Q: 40% of us admit to doing this, and it has something to do with our neighbor. What?
A: Going through their trash! (GASP!)

September 24
Q: 38% of us have gone the last week without using this. What?
A: Cash!

September 21
Q: What is the #1 TV show of all time?
A: I Love Lucy (of course it is! :)

September 20
Q: A new study shows that moms, on average, do this 19 times a months. What is it?
A: Going to the supermarket

September 19
Q: According to new research, doing this could boost your heart health and 40% of the US population does this on a weekly basis. What?
A: Going to Church!

September 18
Q: According to research, some foods have the same effect on your body as taking a prescription mood-enhancing drug. What is the #1 food nutritionists say can enhance your mood?
A: Dark Chocolate

September 17
Q: In America, this happens 1,000 times a second at home. What?
A: Starting a load of laundry.

September 14
Q: The average person takes about 11 seconds to do this. What?
A: Wash their hands.

September 13
Q: The average person throws away 18 of these every year. What?
A: The heel of a loaf of bread

September 12
Q: Only 1 in 15 movie-goers does this. What is it?
A: Stay to watch the credits.

September 11
Q: A survey of work place pet peeves found that 48% of people are offended when coworkers do this at the office. What?
A: Clip their nails

September 10
Q: When you're on vacation you bring up to 9 of these home with you. What?
A: Pounds!! YIKES!

September 7
Q: The average person will do this 5 times in their lifetime. What?
A: Lock themselves out of the car.

September 6
Q: If your mom was under 25 when you were born, your odds of this double. What?
A: Living to 100

September 5
Q: Anywhere between 30 and 40 people call 911 everyday for this reason... What??
A: To ask about the weather

September 4
Q: Over the course of your life you'll spend about $6,500 here. Where??
A: Vending Machines :)

August 31
Q: According to a recent poll from Sharp Media, what's the most annoying habit?
A: Talking on the phone while driving. Don't Do it!

August 30
Q: According to Women's Day, 42% of women would never want their mother to see this. What?
A: The inside of their fridge.

August 27
Q: About 19% of us admit to being afraid of these as children and are still afraid of them as adults. What are they?
A: Balloons

August 24
Q: 30% of people admit to lying to get out of this. What is it?
A: Going to a wedding (uh-oh!)

August 23
Q: The number one board game in the WORLD in 26 different languages is MONOPOLY. But what is #2?
A: Scrabble

August 22
Q: American's purchased 720 million of these last year. What?
A: Slices of Pie! And Apple was #1 on the list.

August 21
Q: In America this item is outselling iPods. What are they?
A: Hearing aids (ironic)

August 20
Q: Today, 1 in 5 Americans have used the internet to do this. What?
A: Meet their spouse! Awww...

August 16
Q: According counselors, 71% of married people have a hard time listening to their spouse without doing what??
A: Interrupting

August 15
Q: According to a 2012 Pew report, only 6% of teens use this each day. What is it?
A: Email

August 14
Q: If you go to college you are twice as likely to do this. What is it?
A: Vote

August 10
Q: 27% of single women say if a man wears this on a first date, it would ruin all chances of a second date. (oh no!) What is it??
A: A bowtie!

August 9
Q: 4 out of 10 employees will NOT do this at work today. What?
A: Take a lunch break

August 8
Q: A recent report found that 29% of Americans own at least one of these. What?
A: A tablet or e-reader

August 7
Q: 90 percent of players on the current U.S. Women's Soccer Team have had at least one of these in their life. What is it?
A: Surgery from a sports-related

August 6
Q: The average American kid eats 1,500 of these by the time he or she graduates from highschool. What are they?
A: A Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwich

August 3
Q: The average person does this 13 times a day. What is it?

August 2
Q: 22% of American's never clean this up. What?
A: Toothpaste!

July 13
Q: Americans spend roughly 15 billion each year on this. What?
A: Eyewear

July 12
Q: The average person will spend 215 minutes doing this over the weekend. What?
A: Driving

July 11
Q: The average person has 7 of these.
A: Passwords

July 10
Q: This is the only animal that cannot cough. Which is it?
A: A giraffe

July 9
Q: 1/3 of women say that this is the most important thing they do all day.
A: Put on make-up

July 6
Q: On average 1,400 people are injured every year by doing this.
A: Playing ping-pong!

July 5
Q: More than 1/2 of all cell phone users don't do this.
A: Lock their phone with a passcode

July 3
Q: 15 Million people do this every year. What?

July 2
Q: To date 217 million of these have been sold.
A: iPhone

June 29
Q: 35% of women do this more in the summertime than any other time of year, what?
A: Laundry

June 28
Q: Americans ate 720 million of these last year. What was it?
A: A slice of pie!

June 26
Q: The average married women has 4 of these, what?
A: Bridesmaids

June 25
Q: 55% of us have considered leaving our job because of this.
A: The leader!

June 18
Q: According to USA Today, only 1 in 5 people are going to have one of these.
A: A business card.

June 6
Q: 15% of us don't trust our spouse to do this. What is it?
A: Wake us up.

June 5
Q: More men are volunteering to do this household chore.
A: Clean the bathroom.

June 4
Q: 61% of college grads will do this the week after graduation. What?
A: Move back in with their folks.

June 1
Q: This has 1,041 calories, and we love it.
A: Movie popcorn

May 31
Q: The majority of women polled said they'd rather have one of these than a diamond ring. What?
A: A walk-in closet.

May 30
Q: A new survey says that 71% of adults own one of these. What is it?
A: A grill

May 29
Q: According to Reader's Digest, people who own one of these replace them every 2.5 years on average.
A: An umbrella

May 25
Q: 60% of women are able to do this better than men.
A: Shop for bargains

May 24
Q: A study released this week said that more than 2 million drivers did this last year.
A: Ran a red light! (For shame...)

May 23
Q: This is happening about 200 Thousand Times around the world every second.
A: A text message is sent.

May 22
Q: According to statistics, we buy enough of this every year in America to wrap it around the earth more than 5 times. What?
A: Weed Whacker Line

May 21
Q: 50% of adult Americans are going to do this at least once this weekend.
A: Eat out!

May 18
Q: Women's Health Magazine reports 52% of these have more sugar than 3 chocolate chip cookies! And, adults consume more than 1/2 of them. What are they?
A: Kid's cereal

May 17
Q: A new study found that 100% of these have tested positive for cold-causing bacteria.
A: Salt & pepper shakers

May 16
Q: A new survey found that waitresses who do THIS get better tips than those who do not. What could it be?
A: Wear red lipstick

May 15
Q: A poll found that if you have THIS you are twice as likely to have a heart attack. What is it?
A: Debt.

May 14
Q: According to a new study, 90% of women over the age of 30 won't do this. What?
A: Exercise outside!

May 11

Q: According to the peak time for THIS is 8:05PM. What?
A: Shopping online.

May 10
Q: Being a mom is a demanding job, but some moms have to head to the office on top of it! What do working moms hate to hear from other adults? {#1 is "Do you really have to work?", #2 is "Aren't you concerned about not being there for your kids?", we're looking for #3}
A: "It must be nice to get a break from the kids"

May 9
Q: 73% of people don't know how to do this. (HINT: It's known, something people talk about)
A: Parallel Park

May 8
Q: A Reders's Digest survey shows that most couples argue about this while traveling.
A: When to stop for bathroom breaks.

May 7
Q: 42% of parents help their young adult children do this. What?
A: Pay their bills

May 4
Q: 42% of households have this somewhere in the kitchen.
A: Chopsticks! (sushi anyone? ;)

May 3
Q: According to a new study, eating this kind of food can be dangerous for your health.
A: Burnt food.

May 2
Q: The US has one of these for every 380 citizens. What?
A: A Doctor

May 1
Q: Women do this more and think they need to do it more than men do. What is it?
A: Apoplogize.

April 30
Q: 27% of people have embarrassed themselves here, where is it?
A: A wedding reception :)

April 27
Q: What was the first country to use paper money?
A: China! During the Han Dynasty of 120 B.C.

April 26
Q: According to the Bureau of Engraving & Printing, what is the life-expectancy of a U.S. one-dollar bill?
A: 3.5 years (or 42 months)

April 25
Q: Numismatics is the science of what?
A: Money/Coins/Currency

April 24
Q: Only one woman's portrait has ever graced US paper currency. Who??
A: Martha Washington (it was on $1 silver certificates in 1886, 1891, and 1896). You go girl ;)

April 23
Q: What's the highest denomination of paper currency ever legally printed?
A: $100,000! (It was a gold certificate issued in 1934. It never made it to circulation, but was instead used for transfers between the U.S. Treasury and Federal Reserve banks.)

April 20
Q: Nearly 150 million Americans have this but only about 31% like it.
A: A job.

April 19
Q: 55% of women have done this while traveling.
A: Ask someone to change seats with their child, husband, friend etc... (whoever might be accompanying them).

April 18
Q: 1 in 5 Americans say they are just not interested in using this.
A: The internet!

April 17
Q: The Gettysburg address is 269 words, the Declaration of Independence is 1,337 words and the Bible is 773,000 words. However, THIS is over 7 million words today. What?
A: Tax Law!

April 16
Q: 41% of us do this once a week, what is it?
A: Eat pizza :)

April 13
Q: According to a recent poll, mmore than 1/2 of all American women shoppers admit to doing this.
A: Shopping at second-hand stores. Bargains!

April 12
Q: The average person does this 90 times a day. What is it?
A: Check the time.

April 11
Q: 2 out of 10 women will accidentlly do THIS today.
A: Drop their makeup in the toilet. Oops!

April 10
Q: On average, this type of Fruit kills 150 people a year.
A: Coconuts!

April 9
Q: People with this are considered to have greater leadership skills.
A: Healthy teeth & gums :)

April 6
Q: What's the most common streat name in the US?
A: Second Street. (Frist Street usually gets changed to something else, i.e. Main Street)

April 4
Q: Dudes dig romance! Top mushy behaviors men love are cuddling & kissing in public. What's #3?
A: Walking arm in arm :) Awwww...

April 3
Q: According to the American Medical Association, over 86.000 people go to the hospital each year to get treated for THIS.
A: Falling/tripping over their pet.

April 2
Q: The average person does this every 17 months.
A: Get a new cell phone.

March 12
Q: This happens 100,000 times each day. What could it be?
A: Getting a speeding ticket.

March 9
Q: According to Pew Research Center, 59% of Americans use this tool for personal AND professional reasons. What?
A: Social Media!

March 8
Q: According to USA Today, 19% of Americans admit they were afraid of these as children and are still afraid of them as adults! What are they?
A: Balloons

March 7
Q: The availability of this has decreased in classrooms by 25% in the last decade. What is it?
A: Chalk/Chalk boards

March 6
Q: According to, 15% of people say this is their favorite place to hide money. Where is it?
A: A boot! A cowboy boot :)

March 5
Q: "Taxi" is the #2 word on Reader's Digest list of words that are the same in 10 different languages. What is #1?
A: "Amen"

March 2
Q: You may have consumed this recently, and it's 96% water. What?
A: a Cucumber

March 1
Q: The average age of this possession that most people consider "irreplaceable" is 27 years old. What?
A: A teddy bear




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